I like the style but want it in a different metal?

Yes we can change the metals for most styles, options are Aluminum, Brass and Copper. Just message with the details prior to purchasing for upgrade fees. 

 Can I add a birthstone or a pearl to the jewelry designs?

Yes, there is an additional fee and item you would add in your cart, you would add it from the accessories: extras.

Can I have the package shipped faster?

We offer usps 1st class and Priority shipping. Please keep in mind if item needs personalized  it will take a few additional days in our studio to customize then shipping. 

How do I care for my products?

Aluminum is a soft metal, gentle care is suggested. It will not tarnish, but it will pick up oils and dirt causing it to become dull. I apply 3 special layers of protectant to maintain its sheen. A polish cloth is sent with each order, to help bring back the sheen and remove harsh chemicals (hair spray, purfume etc).

Copper is a very beautiful raw material as well. Salty climates, tend to have more tarnishing than other areas. The polish cloth will remove any discolorations that may occur if needed.

Brass is a raw material as well and does not like water/will discolor. To keep your brass looking like GOLD you need to keep it dry and use polish cloth to keep it shiny.