Chakra Lava Bracelets Men or Women

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Chakra's 7 healing gemstone represent 7 energy centers of our body. The bracelet is worn to balance, encourage positive physical health and mental health. Lava gemstones is a stone of Fire within, Strength and Courage. Lava stones are great essential oil diffuser, add a few drops of your fav essentials oils to stimulate your mood during the day. 

♥ Genuine 8mm Lava gemstones

♥Crown Chakra - Amethyst (Intuition)
  Third Eye Chakra -Sodalite ( Clear Communication)
  Throat Chakra - Howlite (Release )
  Heart Chakra - Aventurine (Healing)
  Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow Jasper (Focus)
  Sacral Chakra - Tigers Eye (Movement)
  Root Chakra - Red Jasper (Action)

♥ Stretch bracelet with high quality elastic cord (Latex free)

♥ Gift box for gift giving

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